Physical Distancing – Rules of Play

1. Alternate times to start. For every draw in every league and bonspiel. Sheets 1, 3, & 5 will start at the scheduled time. Sheets 2, 4, & 6 will start 15 minutes after the scheduled time.

2. Wipe the handles of the stones you will be using during your game. Wipes provided.

3. No Hand shaking or fist bumping allowed. Tap brooms, wave, verbal.

4. Deciding Hammer. Vice skip or any player with a coin can flip their own coin.

5. Keeping Score. Vice Skip on team starting with hammer keeps score for both teams.

6. Measuring rocks. Vice Skip not keeping score will be responsible to measure as required. Wipe down the measuring device after every use.

7. Do not touch rocks other than your own (2 or 3) with your hands.

8. Non-Throwing Team.
a. Do not ready opponents’ rocks (throwing end)
b. Skip/Vice Skip remain behind hack until throwing team gives up the house.
c. Players remain on same side of Ice (left hand from home end)
d. Sweepers remain at center ice 6 ft apart until throwing team done.
e. Player waiting to throw waits behind the hack until the previous thrower is past the tee-line.

9. No Sweeping of any stones behind tee-line.

10. Throwing Team.
a. Skip/Vice Skip have control of the house.
b. Skip/Vice Skip not allowed to sweep at any time.
c. One Sweeper only per delivered rock.
d. Alternate sweeper should remain at hog on opposite non-throwing team (right)

11. Leave the scorecards UP after your game. They will be wiped by our caretaker.

12. Everyone wash or sanitize hands before & after every game.

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